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TowWorx is a management and communications tool for the towing and transportation industry. "Brokers or Organizations" and "Towing/Transportation Agents" can communicate in real-time to enhance productivity, efficiency and accuracy in the transportation of the collateral. Our system provides an end-to-end collateral solution that automates the transportation process from assignment to disposition.

TowWorx virtually eliminates the need for phone, fax or email to establish up to the minute account or collateral status. Institutions and Transportation Agents work on the same TowWorx database and both see the same up-to-date information in real time.

TowWorx can be both powerful and profitable. The cost savings for both Institutions and Agents in man-hours, phone, fax, mail, stationary, filing etc. expense can be substantial.

TowWorx key features include:

- Paperless automation standardizes operations

- Automatic or Manual Assignment

[ Within the company profile you can set the ability to assign the address of the maker, by state+county,

state+county+city, or by zip code. In each agent profile you designate WHAT area they cover.

The system will then make the assignment for you, allowing you to quickly add your transportation orders.]

- redemption status

- Real time status

- Asset hold aging

- Flexible collateral condition reporting

- Extensive access control

- Invoicing

- Powerful reporting engine

- Flexible implementation

- Automated VIN lookup (for vehicles/auto recovery)

- Location mapping

- Agent Accounts Download - while in the field

- SMS (Cell Phone) text messaging upon account updates to the Agent

- Unlimited Online Faxing Capabilites

- Document Storage for Clients, Accounts, and the Agents

- Assignment form integration from YOUR website for client use

TowWorx key benefits include:

- Overhead substantially reduced

- Redundant data entry eliminated

- File processing costs reduced

- Telephone time greatly reduced

- Processing capacity increased

- Assignments quickly processed and dispatched

- Efficiency gains direct to bottom line

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